Friday, March 07, 2014

MoProm 2014

Last week, to her shock and near dismay, Mae was asked to Mormon Prom!

It took some doing to discern who asked her. When she finally deduced it from the name unscrambled in the pokemon tiles, she realized she knows him from Personal Finance class, but didn't put two and two together until after she accepted :).

 The acceptance included a Hedwig balloon delivery owl carrying a note accepting and a nice (obviously non-alcoholic) butterbeer. Mae and Owen delivered to Truman's house, he wasn't home, but his sister Ella (a good friend of Owen's) answered the door and agreed to pass along the goods.

Brave Mae. Trevor knows him and approved via email. We practiced dancing a little bit and had FHE from a couple of New Era articles on dating as a crash course to prepare for this first dance. First date!

So...she got a sparkly new pair of sandals and a purse to take along. She wore a lovely evergreen dress with a timeturner necklace. She was surprised when I told her maybe not wearing a ponytail would be nice.
 We made the boutonniere out of a copy of the UK Harry Potter book 7 cover, a golden snitch, sewn by Mae and a Firebolt magic broom. We wired and hot glued it all together. It sure looked cool! Owen especially liked the blueberry container we used ;)

Tonight they ventured out at 6:30pm. We made the boutonniere--it required a few extra pins, but hopefully will work out ok. It looked fabulous! And Mae's corsage is so pretty, with a pokeball tucked into it!!

We hope she has a great time. Truman seemed really nice and enthusiastic. He demonstrated some dance moves so we could make sure the boutoneirre would stay on and it appears he enjoys dancing!


Life's Adventures said...
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Tricia said...

Yay Mae! She is so cute in these pictures. I love her creativity. I hope she enjoyed the evening.